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Thursday, October 19, 2017

2 for 1

As I am trying to clear my summer outfits out of my folder (SINCE IT'S FREAKING THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER ALREADY), today's post shall contain not 1 but 2 outfits. Wow.

The first outfit is gold and brass themed. It was fairly casual as I wore it to go for a bite to eat and then to a friend's house party. The shirt has a neat gold tentacle and bubble print on it as well as a cute ruffle neckline. It is also longer in the back and has a neat shape to it; it's one of my favourite casual tops.


Bracelets: old, my mom gave them to me. Ring: was my mom's grandmother's I believe. Earrings: Studio Valyr (Etsy)


Top: Plastik Wrap

Outfit numero dos was worn to a luncheon event for which I had to endeavour to look somewhat spring-y and festive. I managed to sneak in a couple of alternative elements such as spikes, animal print, and black lace. 


Necklace: Bunny Paige.

Skirt: Was looking to add some lace to my wardrobe, found a skirt for $10 at a secondhand store.

WOO-HOO, Halloween is coming up soon! I just finished my costume and my good old friends are coming to visit! We are doing a group costume as we have many times before. This year we are doing old-school Blade Runner; we felt it was the year to do it as the new movie just came out. We are also going to see Depeche Mode!!

Now if only I can get through work until then.....it has been an utter GONG SHOW.....it is always a gong show but it is particularly bad right now. Hopefully I shall survive the the copious overtime, weeping, and gnashing of teeth that shall occur over the next week or so......

Sunday, October 8, 2017

See-Through and a Scarf

On the day I wore this outfit, I believe it was something like 30°C (86 F) outside. Despite this, I managed to work a scarf into my ensemble.......it was made of linen so I didn't completely fry. I don't really wear much in the way of revealing or form-fitting clothing for daywear these days as I continue to age and my metabolism continues to die a slow death. On this particular day, for some reason, the urge struck me to wear a see-through knitted crop top. AVERT YOUR EYES!!


Pendant: Made by me in silversmithing class. Sunglasses.....aren't even in the outfit picture.......


Top: Piper Dalton Designs
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Scarf: Nuit Clothing

How do you feel about wearing see-through clothing? 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Well holy crap, it's already OCTOBER.  I guess I had better get rid of all of the summer outfits hanging around in my blogging folder! I have lots of styling ideas for the fall and winter season, I can't wait to be able to go to things other than work so I can try them out!
Today's outfit consists of what I believe is supposed to be a bathing suit cover up with a bunch of tassels on it. It was far more see-through than I thought when trying it on so I wear a pull-on skirt under it to protect my modesty. It has great flow and movement and is one of my favourite things to wear in the summer; it also goes with a wide variety of shoes and accessories. Speaking of accessories, I have always wanted to get my hands on some vintage silver and turquoise jewellery. Until I do, I shall wear fake turquoise. This outfit was worn out to a Cajun restaurant......it was so tasty! I even tried alligator. Good times.


Fake turquoise jewellery from a variety of mainstream clothing stores.

Shoes: Shellys London

Sunday, October 1, 2017

From Summer to Fall

It's that time of the year again......the time when the weather wildly fluctuates between summer heat and fall chill. It's kind of a pain in the ass because one day you're still in summer sandals and the next day you need a coat and boots. I'm glad that I have a few good transitional pieces in my wardrobe that can be worn in different seasons. I am planning on using this dress for my fall and spring wardrobe; I will wear it with opaque black tights, boots, and a jacket or scarf when it gets colder out.


NARS Rikugien, Earrings: local clothing store, Necklace: made by me in silversmithing class.


Dress: Kowtow Clothing (from a local online boutique)

I'm still enjoying some stuff from the garden before the first frost. I got a nice FAT zucchini and I used it to make zucchini noodle pasta. I have a TON of ripe tomatoes right now and I have been using them to make tomato and veggie sauces. 

What clothes are you going to take from summer to fall?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Venus Fly Trap

I just realized that I haven't posted a clubwear outfit in forever!!! I guess I don't get out as much these days due to my shitty working hours. I got this dress from PinupGirl Clothing quite some time ago; I absolutely love everything about it! I don't usually like strapless dresses but this one has good boning in the chest area and I was planning on wearing it with a waist corset which holds up the dress quite nicely. I love the shape that the peplum creates with the corset, the wonderful colours, and the Venus fly trap print! I am endlessly fascinated by carnivorous plants so I was instantly attracted to this dress.


Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadows, Fyrinnae Aye Captain, MAC Absolute Power lipstick, Hair Flowers: Sourpuss Clothing, Pinupgirl Clothing, and made by me, Bracelet: Le Chateau, Necklace: Bunny Paige.


Dress: PinupGirl Clothing
Waist Cincher: Artifice Clothing
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Speaking of Venus flytraps, my sister gave me a little plant for my birthday earlier this year! Alas, I don't know what the hell I did wrong but I killed it. I have a book about growing carnivorous plants and I was feeding it and giving it distilled water like it said to....not sure what went wrong there. 

ARGH it did so well for awhile and it was so cool!! I will have to try to grow one again someday. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day Goth

Earlier this summer, I went to a dreaded summer event that I usually avoid like the plague. There is a yearly outdoor exhibition where you can admire and purchase the works of local artists. It is always 30 degrees outside (86 F) and there are always a million people (and children) so I tend to stay away; this year, however, some friends were going so I went along. I ended up dressing a lot more goth-y than I normally would for the daytime for some reason. I also ended up purchasing a nice piece of art for my house; it is a picture of a local landmark painted by my friend's brother.


Earrings: Martha Rotten, Necklace: Gift from my sister (Eyescream Jewellery I believe), Nest Indigo perfume, Alex and Ani bracelet, MAC Kling it On lipstick.

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Now that it's September I have been enjoying the harvest from my vegetable garden! I have been getting a lot of Swiss chard lately so I've been making one of my favourite recipes:

Swiss chard and tomato linguine with balsamic glazed chickpeas.....the recipe is on Thug Kitchen's website if you want to try it! My parents made the pinot gris.
It's starting to get cold out so I'd better get cooking!! The garden's days are numbered at this point...

Did you make it out to any summer festivals this year?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Long. Black. Asymmetric. Gunmetal.

Today's outfit was worn out for a nice dinner followed by an evening of pool. Pro tip: long necklaces and flappy shirts tend to get in the way when you're trying to line up your shot. Note to self: wear something a bit less involved next time you go play pool. 
The aforementioned necklace is from Lufolk Crafts on Etsy. It is hand-forged and made out of iron.....how cool is that? It also fits in well with my gunmetal accessories.........I really enjoy matching my metals. I have been looking for shoes and a bag with gunmetal accents for quite some time without success.


Necklace: Lufolk Crafts, Earrings: Local clothing store.

TOP: Wings of Sin (Etsy)
SKIRT: Groceries Apparel

I am starting to see iron jewellery popping up here and there and I think it's really neat! What do you think of it?